Balto – Dog Ulna Radius Brace – BT BONE


Balto – Dog Ulna Radius Brace – BT BONE is used for fractures of the front leg (Radius-Ulna and Radius-Carpus)

Before proceeding with your purchase please make sure you have taken the right measurements as shown in the “Sizes” tab below. If in doubt, please contact us.

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Balto – Dog Ulna Radius Brace – BT BONE is used for fractures of the front leg (Radius-Ulna and Radius-Carpus)


The BT Bone brace is an alternative to the more common splints or casts used to treat traumas caused by fractures to the front leg including those between the radius-ulna and radius-carpus.

It comes with three rigid splints – one fixed splint contained in a pocket on the center back and two side splints with Velcro backing which allows them to be positioned as needed for optimum effectiveness.
The splints ensure both support and stabilisation of the fractured limb throughout the healing period prescribed by your veterinarian.

The brace is designed for daily use thanks to the breathable fabric which prevents blisters and sores caused by sweating.
When using the BT-BONE brace, we recommend combining it with a BT-JOINT brace on the healthy joint in order to help the dog compensate better for the added load caused by the loss of mobility of the fractured leg.

Once the brace has been placed around the dog’s leg, it is not necessary that the white-trimmed edges meet as the closure of the brace is by means of the blue straps and stabilisation is provided by the three splints contained in the brace.


  • Breathable fabric.
  • Adjustable fit.
  • Hand washable.


Please read the “Size” tab to choose the right size for your dog.


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Available in five adjustable sizes:



Measure the length of the front leg (from the carpus to 2.5 cm below the elbow) and compare it with the size chart below.

Size A to B Lenght Approx Dog Weight
XS 8-10.5 cm 5-10 kg
S 11-14 cm 10-15 kg
M 14.5-18 cm 15-25 kg
L 18.5-21 cm 25-45 kg
XL 22-27 cm 45-55 kg
XXL Over 27 cm Over 55 kg


The weight is just indicative. If in doubt, rely EXCLUSIVELY on the size measurements in cm.


  • During the period of restraint, it is recommended the dog not be left alone because it could try to remove the brace by biting or scratching it.
  • Remove the splints before washing.