Fitting The Brace

Please first make sure to review the “Product Video” to properly fit the brace on your dog:

The Collar link

Depending on the shape and the behavior of your dog you may need a “link” between the collar and the back/belly belt. You can either use the link that we provide for free or any string.

When To Use The Brace

You do not need to have the brace on when your dog is resting.
Make sure the brace is on when your dog is active: playing, running or even just going out for a walk.


Adaptation can take some time, you need to be a bit patient and committed. Some dog (usually small breeds) need a progressive adaptation.

If this is the case for your dog:
During the first few days you can do the Weight Shifting Exercise 4 times per day for 5-10min then remove the brace so your dog gets used to it gradually.

Days after days you can increase the time and frequency of the brace on your dog and add walking exercise.

Weight Shifting Exercise

While your dog is standing (brace ON), place your hands around her/his bottom then gently push the bottom from left and right sides very slowly so your dog will have to put weight on the legs and shift weight from one side to the other.

Please watch this video to make sure you understand the exercise:

Walk On Gravel Exercise

Brace ON, a good exercise is to have your dog walk very slowly on gravel.
The instability and the slow pace will push your dog to put weight on the injured leg.

Accelerating Healing

You can accelerate healing and reduce inflammation with class-iv laser therapy if available in your area.


We recommend you avoid swimming for at least 3 months even if your dog is getting better. This is a very fast movement for a damaged joint.

Having fun with other dogs

We recommend you avoid your dog playing with other dogs for at least 3 months as it is easy to re-injure the joint jumping.