Our Vision For Our Orthopedic Dog Braces

Elegant Design

We enjoy designing stylish and elegant supports for our best friends. Not feeling well doesn’t mean they have to look bad!

User Friendly

We want our braces to be easy to put on and off, in a matter of seconds. Just a few Velcros and you are ready to go!

High Performance

We engineer our braces to protect efficiently and offer the best healing environment for our companions. We aim to immobilize the concerned area without inhibiting movement.

The Way We Manufacture Our Braces

Alumunium Ribs

Metal inserts are fitted in most Balto dog braces in order to support, protect and stabilize joints and bones in appropriate areas. They have to be very precise. This is the reason why we laser-cut them ourselves at Balto factory.

The Covering

We cut the material (Human medical grade breathable fabric, not neoprene) to size and shape by using die-cutting machines for optimal precision.

The Assembly

When all the parts are ready we assemble our dog braces by hand-stitching for a better finish.